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Alright it is about time I did something here. My name is The Dark Archer and my real name is classified information but is know to some people. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and have done a bit of work on the language.dll for Age of Empires.

I hope to do some more research into the effects of the language.dll on multiplayer games and write another article for it here. I'm also having problems with a per file I have made for Age of Empires which I hope to sort out while finding what caused the problem so I can write about it here. I have also become one of the main leaders at Tribulation Designs and not long ago was promoted to position of Cherub at Age of Empires Heaven to help Dr Lorenzo moderate the forums (mainly the SD ;) ) and look after the granary. I have just started a push to try and rekindle interest in this Wiki again because I believe it is a great Designers tool that Richard Ames spent a lot of time putting information into that was getting wasted sitting around not being read.

If anyone wants to contact me my details are:

  • E-mail:
  • Google Talk:
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