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Tool Age"Characterized by farming settlements, stable food supplies, defense of territory, accelerated population growth, simple economy, and emerging military."

[Quoted From Age of Empires Help File]


Once you have reached the Tool Age, and provided you have built a Barracks, Storage Pit and Granary, you will be able to build three new buildings. These are the Archery Range, Stable and Market. The appearance of your civilization will also change to reflect a more sophisticated display, thereby reflecting the technological advance.

New Features:

Granary: Allows you to research Watch Tower and Small Wall. These early defences are important to safeguarding your civilization from attack, and can be ugraded later on to provide much better protection.

Storage Pit: Technologies relating to improved military armour are now available. Tool Working adds a +2 attack to all hand-to-hand units. There are then Leather armour upgrades for Infantry, Archers and Cavalry, providing +2 Armour for each of the unit types.

Dock: The creation of war ships is now possible, with the new unit Scout Ship to make naval warfare possible. Also important is the unit of Light Transport which allows you to carry land-based units across the sea to attack enemies or settle on new islands.

Barracks: The Upgrade to Axeman is now available, upgrading your Clubman to the more powerful Axeman. These units have 50HP and do 5 Base Damage.

Archery Range: A new building itself, this allows for the creation of cheap ranged units, the Bowman. With 5 Range it is a good unit for minor skirmishes and raids. The Archery Range only becomes available with the construction of a Barracks.

Stable: Another new building, this allows for the creation of basic mounted units. The Scout is a poor fighter, but can see a great distance and is useful for exploring territory. The Stable only becomes available with the construction of a Barracks.

Market: The market allows for the development of your civilization by providing four technologies. These improve the efficiency of collection for the four resources, Wood, Food, Gold and Stone. These can help to provide valuable advantages over enemies who haven't researched technologies. The Market also provides the capability to build Farms, a limitless Food resource, which requires Wood to build and a Villager to operate. The Stable only becomes available with the construction of a Granary.

Small Wall: Costing only 5 Stone, the Small Wall is a basic form of defence designed to hinder an enemy's progress or protect a part of your civilization.

Watch Tower: These slow down enemy attack and provide warning to your civilization by shooting at approaching enemies. They are used to cover a specific area and when used in conjunction with walls, can be very effective.

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