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Pile of Gold is a gold-like resource available in Age of Empires II, used mainly for aesthetical purposes.


The difference between Pile of Gold and an actual Gold Mine is that the Pile of Gold has only one ore, while the Gold Mine has 800. Also, the Pile of Gold leaves no blank outline (mask display) when it's behind another unit or object. Unlike POREX, if a villager mines a Pile of Gold and then take the gold into a dropsite, 1 ore will be added into the player's gold stockpile. If villagers are mining gold, and the mines they're taking gold from get exhausted, they won't be tasked automatically to mine any Pile of Gold mines nearby.

While a Gold Mine leaves a blank outline, a Pile of Gold does not.

Examples of Use

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Pile of Gold is used mainly for visual aspects, for it leaves no blank line behind objects and villagers don't mine it automatically.

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