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"Modding" is short for game modification. In modding a game, the data files of the game such as sound, graphics, unit attributes etc. are changed. A file containing modified data is called a modification pack, often shortened to mod pack.

Age of Empires II modding

In AoK, you can change the sound and graphics using ModPack Studio (MPS) and the vital statistics ( such as the hitpoints, attack, armour, etc) using GeniEd, and GeniEd2 (made by scenario_tc).

Several mods have been made for Age of Empires II, the most famous of which are:

  • Rome at War by WildFire Studios (which changes the Mesoamerican civilisations' graphics into "Roman" graphics, and the Aztec and Mayan voices to Byzantine voices),
  • Age of Chivalry by kor and Mechstra (a basely statistics-changing mod that changes all or most civs into West European civs; made by Kor and Mechstra),
  • Middle Earth Total Conversion (commonly known as METC) by Shadowflare (it modifys every civilisation into some civilisation, tribe, or group from Lord of the Rings, and many - if not all - graphics have been changed into something from LoTR.)

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