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This is the screen you'll see if you click on create an account or login

You do not have to login to read GenieWiki, but to edit articles you'll need to create an account so that you have a username (this also helps protect the wiki from spammers).

Creating an account is very easy, and only takes a few seconds to do. Simply click on 'create an account or login' on the top right of the page, then choose a username and password. Retype the password, and you're done! You can also supply an email address so you can get notifications when people leave a message on your talk page, and you can click 'remember me' so you don't need to login every time. Just make sure you have cookies enabled and it should be a breeze!

Once you have an account check out the help section for some editing tips. You can start editing pages as soon as you have an account. Good luck!

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