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Age of Empires I

  • Hit Points: 350


  • Researching Architecture increases the hit points and decreases the construction time of this building.


  • Game Context

"The Granary lets you build walls and towers, including the Small Wall, Medium Wall, Fortification, Watch Tower, Sentry Tower, Guard Tower, and Ballista Tower. You must research the Granary before you can build the Market.Foragers and farmers can deposit food from Farm buildings and forage sites at the Granary instead of the Town Center."

  • Historical Context

"Following the advance of farming, humans faced for the first time the happy problem of how to safely store large quantities of food grains. The granary made it possible to preserve growing season surpluses for consumption during winter months. The granary was a central location where grain could be warehoused, guarded, and distributed fairly as needed. The need to protect food supplies was an early reason for building walls and fortifications. Without protection, the surpluses in the granary were easily taken by raiders from nearby hunting and gathering groups."

[Quoted from Age of Empires Help File]

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