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If you'd like to contribute to this wiki, you've come to the right place! It's now in its starting stages, so the big need right now is for more basic pages.


Creating Pages

If you think a page should exist, go ahead and add it. There is a list of Wanted Pages available. All you have to do is type the page title in the search box to the left and click "Go". If the page doesn't exist, there will be a link to create it in red. Just click there and type away! See Help:Editing for information on how to edit pages. Thanks!

Some basic groundrules should also be established to keep there from being too many or too few pages. Please do not create a page for a unit unless the unit has some special properties that need lots of explaining (for example, Merchant Ship in AOE). Put basic information on each unit on the unit list for the applicable game.

The logo

I (DiGiT) am no artist, so I just created a quick textual logo for the site, but if you're more artistically-inclined, please send a new one my way! It should be 350x350.

Unit Pages

The general consensus as of right now is to put most units' information and descriptions on their respective class pages, as a page per unit would get ridiculous (over 800 for AoK alone!). Thus, put them there and be sure the fill out the unit list pages. If you really, really want to link to a unit, you can use target links. Just put the title of the page just as you would for a wikilink and append the heading after a '#'. For example, Crossbowman is formed with the wiki syntax [[ARCHER#Crossbowman|Crossbowman]].


I have added namespaces AOE, AOE Talk, AOK, AOK Talk, SWGB, and SWGB Talk. To use these, just add the namespace followed by a colon in front of any page name, such as "AOK:Effects" instead of "Effects (AoK)". This setup is advantageous because namespaces are not case-sensitive and it is, after all, less typing.

Need help?

There are several ways to get help and assistance if you need it.

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