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GenieWiki is a wiki dedicated to providing information on all aspects of the real-time strategy games Age of Empires, Age of Empires II, and Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. Being a wiki, it allows any registered user to edit the site's content. Unregistered users cannot edit articles however, unlike some wikis such as Wikipedia. All work submitted by its editors is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License, and can be edited in future by other users. The name GenieWiki was formed from the words genie (from the Genie engine) and wiki. All material is written collaboratively by the site's users with no strict authorship of content. This differs greatly from the way articles for these games have traditionally been written by a single author.

Like all Heaven Games sites, GenieWiki uses the English language.


The project began on March 22, 2006 as a compliment to the existing HeavenGames websites' material and external resources such as those provided by design teams and clans. It also provides a completely new way of writing articles which can now be written collaboratively, step by step, and then edited at any time by their creator(s) or anyone else in future. The wiki's membership has steadily risen since its inception, currently containing 239 articles and 41 registered users [1]. The wiki is run and hosted by its creator, DiGiT (David Tombs). DiGiT is currently the only administrator on the website, and provides hosting on his own domain name,


The purpose of the wiki, as stated in GenieWiki:About is to provide a "centralized information point for all games that use the Genie Engine." The three games that qualify are therefore the first two games from Ensemble Studios - Age of Empires and Age of Empires II, and Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds by LucasArts. The wiki is designed to contain practically any relevant and notable information on the game, so contrary to past articles sources which specialized in areas like scenario design or multiplayer strategy, the wiki will host articles on all areas of the game and those related to it. It also provides a centralized structure with the internal linking of a wiki to connect similar and related ideas together, and the function of an index for all external material (such as the list of scenario design resources for AoE, the first time such an article library has been put together for the game).

Material on GenieWiki, when opinion or bias of any sort is possible, is required to uphold a neutral point of view, under which the main viewpoints are summarized without an attempt to suggest that any are the 'truth'.

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