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GeniEd2 (from Genie and editor) is an application written by Ykkrosh and improved by scenario_t_c to edit the civ-unit data in the Genie engine's game data. The original GeniEd was designed for Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, and was later adapted to Age of Empires II. GeniEd2 is designed exclusively for The Conquerors Expansion, so is not compatible with the original Age of Kings. The program provides a way for casual designers to edit the game's data files (specifically empires2_x1.dat and empires2_x1_p1.dat) using a simple graphic user interface, without the need manual data editing. The program has allowed for many new abilities in scenario design, and has pioneered several innovative tricks. It does not currently support Age of Empires or the Rise of Rome expansion. It is written in C++ language and the wxWidgets library, though it currently only supports Windows.


Data editing with GeniEd2

This guide, originally written by qaz123tfg, is primarily for Age of Empires II but the instructions can apply to editing anything else that GeniEd2 supports.

Starting up GeniEd2

  1. Make sure you have GeniEd2 downloaded. You can get Ykkrosh's version or scenario_t_c's enhanced version.
  2. Before editing anything, it is a good idea to back up your datafile. If you have the C-patch installed, it will be [directory where you installed AOK]\Data\empires2_x1_p1.dat; otherwise it will be [directory]\Data\empires2_x1.dat. Just copy the file to a different location. That way, if you mess up, you can just copy it back and replace the edited version.
  3. Launch GeniEd2, click File->Open, and click OK.

Editing a unit

  1. Select the desired civilization from the dropdown menu, for example, Britons.
  2. Select the desired unit to edit, for example, Advanced Heavy Crossbowman.
  3. Now edit some attributes such as movement speed and reload rate. (See #Alterable Unit Attributes below.)
  4. When you're done, just click File->Save to save your changes to the datafile.
  5. Now, launch AOK and create a new scenario. Have player 1 be the Britons, player 2 can be anything. Place some Advanced Heavy Crossbowmen for player 1 and some test target units for player 2 right next to them.
  6. Test the scenario, and you should see your changes have taken effect!

Some tips

  • When editing a unit, it's usually a good idea to do comparisons with other units instead of just trying a guess for a new attribute. This way you won't get drastic changes.
  • Remember that when editing a unit, it will only take effect for the selected civilization!
  • Also remember that any techs will also take effect. For example, if you give an archer unit 0 range, it will still have range after fletching and similar techs have been researched.

Version History

GeniED2 (05-28-2004)

The original version of the unit editor was released by Ykkrosh on the forums of Age of Kings Heaven. Althought it only allows alteration to a limited range of unit attributes, it had already proved to be achieving a remarkable breakthrough.

GeniED2.1 (08-31-2005)

After a year, Ykkrosh updated the program with the ability to modify a unit's attack or armour strength. This had again gained many bursts of applause from modders in the community and inspired later researches on the game database.

GeniED2 Enhanced (12-03-2005)

Scenario_t_c decided to make an enhancement of the modding tool after finishing several studies on the game data. While the improved version could edit far more attributes than before, it was critised for being a bit non-user-friendly due to the long and disordering list.

GeniED2 Enhanced 2 (02-26-2006)

The second enhanced version of GeniED2 is basically a small bug-fix patch of the previous one, though it still features a few new functions like the modification of track unit or projectile duplication.

GeniED2 Enhanced 3 (07-29-2006)

Scenario_t_cThe latest version of Genied2 has unit data/attributes grouped into various sections and is more user friendly than it's predecessors. It has some new features like projectile accuracy and virtually all unit data can now be altered.

Alterable Unit Attribute

  • Unit ID: Can't change this. The game uses this internally.
  • Internal name: Can't change this either.
  • Language DLL ID: This is the string number in language.dll that Genie will use for the unit's name. If the string doesn't exist, Genie will just display the internal name.
  • Hitpoints: A unit's max HP.
  • Line of sight: The unit's line of sight in tiles.
  • Garrison capactiy: The maximum number of units that can be garrisoned inside. Note that for units that can't usually have a garrison, this will have no effect. (Note: Try playing with a battering ram's garrison, you can get it going pretty fast!)
  • Icon ID: The frame number for the unit's icon in the Icon SLP. For example, 90 is the Arbalest icon.
  • Hide from editor: If this checkbox is checked, you cannot place the unit using the ingame editor. Remember that this is still only for the active civilization!
  • Dead unit ID: This unit will be created as the body when the unit dies.
  • Movement speed: The speed the unit travels in tiles per second.
  • Attack range (displayed): The range displayed in the unit's stats. This has no effect on its real range!
  • Attack range: The unit's real range.
  • Blast radius: The unit's attack will be spread out over this radius in tiles. Note that this, in a way, decreases the unit's attack. For example, if the attack is 15 and it attacks three units right next to each other, each unit will be damaged 5 HP.
  • Projectile unit ID: When a unit fires, this is the "arrow" unit. You can see all the arrows listed on the side.
  • Reload time (1) and reload time (2): The time delay between attacks for this unit. Genie will cycle between these two values. That is, if (1) is 1.00 and (2) is 2.00, the unit will first have a delay of 1 second, then 2 seconds, then 1 second again.
  • Armor (displayed): The is the armor displayed for the unit's stats. This has no effect on its real armor!
  • Attack (displayed): This is the attack displayed for the unit's stats. This has no effect on its real attack!
  • Cost 1,2,3: These are the resource costs to build the unit. Check the used box if you want this resource cost to be used.
  • Construction time: The time, in seconds, it takes to produce or build the unit. Note that for buildings, you can have multiple villagers working to decrease the construction time, but the formula is somewhat complicated.
  • Dura-armor (displayed): The pierce armor displayed for the unit's stats. This has no effect on its real pierce armor!

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