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Bronze Age"Characterized by competition for valuable resources, increasingly sophisticated technologies, metalworking, trade, colonization, centralized government, institutionalized religion, highly organized military systems, and conquest."

[Quoted From Age of Empires Help File]


Once you have reached the Bronze Age, and provided you have built a Archery Range, Stable and Market, you will be able to build four new buildings. These are the Siege Workshop, Academy, Temple and Government Center. The appearance of your civilization will also change to reflect a more sophisticated display, thereby reflecting the technological advance.

New Features:

Granary: Allows you to research Sentry Tower and Medium Wall. These are the upgrades from the early defences are important to safeguarding your civilization from attack.

Storage Pit: Technologies relating to improved military armour are now available. Metal Working adds a +2 attack to all hand-to-hand units. There are then Scale armour upgrades for Infantry, Archers and Cavalry, providing +2 Armour for each of the unit types.

Dock: There are developments in military units, with the upgrade War Galley to make naval warfare more poweful. Also important is the unit of Fishing Ship and Merchant Ship which allows you to upgrade your Fishing Boats and Trade Boats to the faster, efficient upgrades.

Barracks: The creation of Short Swordsman is now available, with your Axeman still available along with the more powerful Short Swordsman. These units have 60HP and do 7 Base Damage. Also available is the Broad Swordsman the more powerful upgrade, and these units have 70HP and do 9 Base Damage.

Archery Range: This allows for the creation of three new units alongside the Bowman. The Improved Bowman and the Composite Bowman are more powerful foot-archers which cost Gold to create but have better Range, Armour and Damage. Also available is the Chariot Archer, which first requires the research of Wheel. This is a fast mounted unit, cheap and lightweight and is useful for skirmishes or minor raids. It must be built to provide the Siege Workshop.

Stable: The stable provides new units as well. Alongside the existing Scout, Cavalry and Chariots are available for creation. Both of these are fast mounted units, ideal for attacks into enemy territory, and especially useful when combined with ranged or siege units. It must be built to provide the Academy.

Market: The market allows for the development of your civilization by providing another four new technologies. These improve the efficiency of collection for the four resources, Wood, Food, Gold and Stone and build upon the advantage created with the technologies available in the Tool Age. It is required to provide the new buildings of Temple and Government Center.

Medium Wall: Costing only 5 Stone, the Medium Wall is an improved form of defence designed to hinder an enemy's progress or protect a part of your civilization.

Sentry Tower: These slow down enemy attack and provide warning to your civilization by shooting at approaching enemies. They are used to cover a specific area and when used in conjunction with walls, can be very effective. The upgrade available in the Bronze Age makes the ability to defend your civilization increase with its improved Damage and Range.

Temple: The Temple is the place where a player can create Priests to heal his units and convert those of the enemy. Priests cost 125 Gold and are weak units, but have a large Range and the unique healing capacity. Technologies available at the Temple increase the power and health of the Priests and some also affect other features, such as Jihad on Villagers.

Government Center: The Government Center allows for the creation of multiple Town Centers. It also provides useful upgrades affecting all different parts of your civilizations.

Siege Workshop: This provides the first basic siege weaponry in the form of a Stone Thrower. These units are most effective for destroying buildings quickly and for harming tightly-packed groups of units. The possession of an Archery Range allows for this building's construction.

Academy: This provides the heavy infantry called Hoplites. These units are most effective for killing strong units and mounted units. They also destroy buildings easily, but are weak against archers, especially mounted ones. The possession of a Stable allows for this building's construction.

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