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This article lists all tricks used in Age of Empires, and gives a brief description of them. If it is a very simple trick it may not warrant its own article, however generally tricks will simply be described briefly, and more information can be learned by following the link to the full article on a given trick.

  • Bridges - There are several different ways to create bridges in AoE, and all of them involve optical illusions.
  • Discovery snow - Discoveries can be used to create a snow-like terrain
  • Pasting a negative sign - Used to create negative amounts of resources for a player
  • Hold off unit - Used for avoiding defeat of a player (e.g. in timed appearances)
  • Loss through bring object to object/bring object to area/capture object - used to make a player lose if an object is destroyed
  • Victory through conquest without destroying all other players - used to make a player win by destroying a specific object despite having other, impossible victory conditions, like the one described above. Done by using the method above to defeat all other players, causing the undefeated player to win.
  • Walkable water - Water you can walk on.
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